We create architecture framework of data  management processes and technologies that are based on industry best practices and aligned with your business strategy and priorities.

We manage and deliver mission-critical projects. We understand,from our  experience & results, what it takes to execute high visible-complex data  management & analytics projects.


We drive strategies for businesses to gain insights and profits from data assets. We take structured approach to define the target state of analytics and develop road maps of how to get there.




We facilitate identifying right business questions, and answering them with the well prepared data. We assess strategic, tactical, & operational goals and provide appropriate solutions.  

We are an analytics consulting services firm focused on strategy, architecture & delivery.

‚ÄčData Roadmaps,LLC is an analytics consulting services firm focused on strategy, architectureproject management, & business analytics.Headquartered in Folsom, California. We provide services for enterprises across industries and government agencies. We partner with product and service vendors to serve our clients.